Thai lottery results are live and updated and all winning lists are with proper detail. This is legal lotto and millions of people participate from all over the World. The draw is held 2 times in one month, On the 1st and 16 of every month draw date.

Mostly played by Saudi Arab, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar public. Check the Thai lottery. online live here.
The GLO Thailand lottery is a life-changing opportunity for those who have dreams of being rich.

Thai Lottery Result Today Live 16-04-2024


If you purchase a Thailand government lottery ticket, you are a participant in this Thai lotto. You need to check the results of Thailand lottery results today the latest is life here. Scroll down and see a list of all winning numbers.

What is the Thai Lottery – History

. According to Thailand Government, All the work that purpose to giving opportunities public is legal. This lottery first started in 1868 on the birthday of King Rama V, who was king. It permanently starts on his birthday in 1874. The ticket’s price was 1 Thai baht at the time but now the price of 1 ticket is 80 Baht. The history of this lotto is very old.

The player of the Thai draw is 60% from all over the World with a 60% average The tickets and all the required data are printed by Thai GLO and after that sellers purchase from the head office and sell in public. Thailand’s Government used 28% profit from the lottery.

How To Win Thai Lottery- ผลหวยไทย

The question about how to win the Thai lottery is very popular because every player wants to win Millions of Thai baht. There are some tips to win. Most of the winners share about that. Most people use guest papers to guess about the winning numbers like Thailand Lottery 1234 and others.

If you want to play 4pc, match 4 numbers and win the 4th prize. You will search for that and if you desire to play 3up( match 3 numbers) and win 3rd prize. You need to find Thai Lottery 123. The guess numbers also work and many winners accept that they were using guessing ideas about the winning numbers.

How Thailand Lottery Result

The draw is held live and we cover all detail and share them publically. The drawing machine picks the balls randomly and selects numbers, on the base of that ball, the result show. Please check the detail about the balls and numbers.
Yellow Ball Second Prize.

  • Pink Ball 3rd Prizes
  • Green 4th Prize
  • Blue ball 5th prize

The average of prize winners is 3 up prizes and they still spend to win a big draw. Most people are using the Thai lottery formula to pick lucky numbers and buy tickets according to the numbers.

Rules and Conditions of Thailand Lottery

  1. The prize of 1 Thai ticket is 80 Baht but most of the wholesalers get more the 80 in the market. You can buy from a Thai lottery bank for 80 baht per ticket. A person can buy more than 1 ticket, it depends on how many they want.
  2. Only the ticket owner can get the prize amount
  3.  Ticket holders must get the prize amount within 2 years from winning time.
  4.  Must take original ticket at the time of claiming prize amount. Here we share complete detailed information about the Thai lotto and now any person can start to play and answer any question about the Thai lottery. We are sharing the result Thailand lottery first of all with complete detail on every draw date. Thailand Lottery Result List TodayAre you waiting for today’s Thailand Lotto result, Congratulations, the Result is starting and you can see here the live Thai lottery result list.

Thailand Lottery Final Tips

We don’t want to waste your time like other sites giving the same information at any time in the same place. I would like to share only important detail with detail so that you don’t feel any issues, if still have any questions,

you can contact us through Contact Us page.
Investing in the lottery can be helpful for you if your luck supports it because sometimes guessing papers help, and mostly depend upon your luck.
Thailand lottery head office and share the latest numbers including Thai lottery magazine papers and free tips.

How to check the Thai Lottery Result?

At the time of result on every 1st and 16th of the month at 11 AM, you need to open this page and see the live Thailand Lotto winner list with total winning numbers in a simple way.

If sometimes, you will not find it, you need to read the latest notification at the top of this page because of some Government reason, it is late or announced on another draw date. So you need to check daily updates about the Thailand lottery from this official site. You can check the Thai lottery’s previous results from this site. follow us on our Facebook page.

Thailand lottery prizes detail

If match 6 numbers 1st prize of 2 Million Thai Baht.
If it matches last 2 numbers are 2000 Baht.

Check the prizes detail of the Thailand lottery below in the image with proper detail.
Thailand Lottery Charities support

The government of Thailand spends more than 4 billion Thai baht for the welfare of the public like the Red Cross, social projects student help, and employment.

prize detail thailand lottery latest

Thailand Lottery Winning Formula Tips

The winning numbers and guess papers are very helpful to win the lottery like the Thailand lottery winning formula, magazine papers, thai lottery 123, 3up, 4up, and VIP Thai lottery numbers.

Thai Lotto Organizer 

This lotto is a well-known (GLO) Thailand Government Lottery and all the rules, and regulations of lottery ticket printing, and selling work under the Government so it is Legal in Thailand because the government gets 28% profit from the lotto and spends on the country that is in millions $USD. There are 70 million from all over the world who are playing the Thailand lottery and spending money to buy tickets.

How to Claim Thai Lottery Prize GLO

If you win today’s lottery you need information that how you can get the prize amount and what process will work. First congratulations on winning and after all you need to follow these steps. To get a prize, you need to open an account in a Thai bank to receive the amount.

  •  Go to the office of the Thailand lottery or contact their office (Sanambinnam Branch ), G Floor, 359 Nonthaburi Road, Thasai, Mueang Nonthaburi, Nonthaburi, 11000.
  • Bring original lottery winning tickets and your signature on the back side of the ticket
  •  Original CNIC.
  •  You will get a prize amount in cash if the amount is a maximum of 20,000 Thai baht
  •  If the prize amount is more than 20,000, you will get a check from Krungthi Bank in Thailand.
  •  The tax on the prize amount to 1%.

How to Buy Thai Lotto Tickets

You can buy a ticket from Thai bank Krung and from the registered sellers, it depends upon you but the prize of 1 Thailand Lottery ticket is 80 Baht. Most of the wholesalers sell tickets at a high price so I will advise you to buy from a Thai bank.

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Frequently Asking Questions

What is the time of the Thai lottery result?

on each 1st and 16th of the month and the draw time is 11:00 PM Saudia Arab Time.

What is the prize of the Thai lottery ticket?

80 Baht (Thai Currency)

How to claim the Thai lottery?

The three digit/s winner can claim from the shop from where he/she bought a ticket. but for others from head office.

Can foreigners buy and play the Thailand lottery?

Yes, Buy a ticket and enter buy under 20 can’t.

How to win the Thai lotto?

buy tickets for each draw that will increase your winning chances because it is a luck-based game and the draw is held openly by picking random numbers.

Is lotto legal in Thailand?

Yes, the ticket price is spent on different charities, and in the welfare programs that work under the government, 2 games are legal in Thailand, Thailand Lottery, and Horse racing.

From where I can buy a lotto ticket?

You can easily buy from Tesco Lotus, Supermarket, and from the local markets in Thailand.